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July 13, 2006

MT 3.3 Released

Six Apart has released MovableType 3.3. The wait has been worth it - and the updated plugins are already showing up.

July 8, 2006

MT 3.3 Beta Continued

Six Apart's MovableType 3.3 has not yet been released. The current beta release - FRC2 - looks good thus far. And in the background the MT team appears to be diligently working toward updating the BigPAPI plugins and creating the necessary documentation and other resources needed for a launch.

June 13, 2006

MT 3.3 Beta Release

The beta release of MovableType 3.3 has once again given cause for my return to the Little Red Blog. There are several significant improvements in 3.3 but I would suggest a longer delay for those with a hefty dose of customization or BigPAPI based plugins. Given what I've seen thus far, it has been worth the long wait.

There may be some missing pages for a time - while I tinker.

June 12, 2006

Re-Establishing the LRB

After being closed the last several months - more like a year - the Little Red Blog is returning shortly. Older archives will be available in a re-sorted manner. And other features will be added.

All archives listed prior to this entry are from the prior versions of the LRB.

March 28, 2005


After essentially a week of very little blogging, I'm soon to return. At this point I've found MT to be very accommodating and straightforward. I’ve not imported my prior entries from "blogger" primarily due to the comments and trackbacks associated with those entries, all recorded by haloscan. I believe I’ve found a way to include them in an import and I’m making progress toward that end.

Essentially it will entail adding a plugin to permit extra fields in the MT database. I’ll add a field that represents the "blogger" entry ID and associates it with the new MT Entry ID. Then, I’ll have to modify the various templates so that they query "if" a blogger entry ID exist, if so, show the haloscan comments and trackback links, if not, operate as normal. I will probably not install this until late in the evening or overnight, as to avoid any disruption of service should I screw things up.

If you know another way, or just want to wish me luck, please do.

March 23, 2005

Moving In

As you can see, I've made a little progress with my move to Movable Type. There are lots of things still to be done. It hasn't happened yet but the inevitable comment spam will show up soon, so next on the list is getting MT Blacklist installed. Other pluggins will follow, as I figure out which are significant or just plain cool.

Configuring MT has been a breeze thus far. While much detail work remains, it has proven rather straight forward up until this point. And Hosting Matters has been excellent and responsive. So any glitches are likely, if not wholely my fault.

The design of the site is based on the default MT templates. The image at the top is from a Word Press theme by Chris J. Davis. While I started out with both WP and MT, I took to MT more easily. Yet the image stuck with me. Thanks Chris. The rest of the layout is mine and was arrived at by trial and error.

Post with more substance will begin again shortly. Thanks for being patient and for visiting.

March 22, 2005

Beginning Setup

Decided against Word Press and am going to build the site with Movable Type 3.15. So far so good, now it's on to the building of the template, determining what options to include and then bringing over the current Little Red Blog to the new host, Hosting Matters.


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