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July 13, 2006

MT 3.3 Released

Six Apart has released MovableType 3.3. The wait has been worth it - and the updated plugins are already showing up.

July 8, 2006

MT 3.3 Beta Continued

Six Apart's MovableType 3.3 has not yet been released. The current beta release - FRC2 - looks good thus far. And in the background the MT team appears to be diligently working toward updating the BigPAPI plugins and creating the necessary documentation and other resources needed for a launch.

June 13, 2006

MT 3.3 Beta Release

The beta release of MovableType 3.3 has once again given cause for my return to the Little Red Blog. There are several significant improvements in 3.3 but I would suggest a longer delay for those with a hefty dose of customization or BigPAPI based plugins. Given what I've seen thus far, it has been worth the long wait.

There may be some missing pages for a time - while I tinker.

June 12, 2006

Re-Establishing the LRB

After being closed the last several months - more like a year - the Little Red Blog is returning shortly. Older archives will be available in a re-sorted manner. And other features will be added.

All archives listed prior to this entry are from the prior versions of the LRB.

January 3, 2006

Gone Fishing

This blog is closed. Thanks for dropping by. And Godspeed.

November 22, 2005

Blogging Again?

Last Friday evening ThreatsWatch became an active site. Bill Roggio is currently reporting from the Middle East - on his way to the Anbar Province in Iraq. It’ll be some time before we have everything planned for the site available but we hope you’ll make it a regular stop for news and analysis on the War on Terror and other issues relating to security and foreign affairs.

As time permits I’ll begin to blog here again on issues not related to ThreatsWatch - and will occasionally link to things that Steve, Bill or I write at ThreatsWatch. I look forward to blogging again, and hope you’ll enjoy what I have to say.

August 1, 2005

LRB Updates

August has arrived. As you can tell, July was another month with barely any blogging. Things will pick up this month, although not to the degree of last August. I'm really excited about some of the projects underway and hope to share some more info soon. And as always, I've got a take on nearly everything... just have to get used to sharing them again.

Also, I withdrew from the Watcher's Council in order to clear a spot for someone blogging more often. It was fun being a part of the Council and I really enjoyed reading the varied posts each week from around the blogosphere, something I hope to continue.

May 5, 2005

In Brief

As of now, I'm feeling a bit behind the eight ball. The new site is in beta, or soft-launched, and technically functioning - but we (myself, Tom and Bill) haven't published our initial assessments, and as such we aren't posting there either. Aside from the selected news updates on the category pages, it's pretty much a static site for the next few days. Although I would say that the select news is getting good reviews, both for our selection or choices, and for the aggregation. If I haven't emailed you to say thanks yet, I will.

Here at the LRB, little to no updates thus far (three) this month, and after March surpassing September and October in number of readers, April was a big downer (little regular blogging). That being said, those who do frequent the LRB seem to keep coming back and thus I remain hopeful that when I return to more regular blogging, someone will notice.

Aside from a couple of house keeping posts that are due, as last weeks winners of the Watcher's Council have to be announced, and later tonight or tomorrow a new set will come, I'll probably not have a great deal to offer again before the weekend. Hopefully, Tom, Bill and I will have completed things at Threats Watch and I can get back to the issues at hand here before Monday. And, of course, next week the Senate will return to session and we'll hopefully be able to discuss the confirmation, or pathway to, of several nominees to the federal bench. And many other things.

May 2, 2005

Threats Watch

Well, it isn't 100% done, but it's time to invite a few more readers to check it out.

The new site, Threats Watch, is functional, mostly. We haven't published the initial assessments of the various threats, or posts of any sort other than the initial welcome statement but many of the category pages now have news feeds and resource links attached to them. The current welcome post is on every page, but it'll disappear from them once we start updating the them with assessments or regular post on issues and events.

Check it out, share your feedback here or there. And if you find something that's broken, by all means let me know. Also tell Tom and Bill what you think of it, as they've been instrumental to its development and will have regular updates beginning shortly.

A couple of technical notes - we use a combination of, mySQLicious, and lots of php to feed the news into each page. To select the news and commentary, we are using Feed on Feeds. I highly recommend them all.

May 1, 2005

May Already

Is it May already?

As I get older it does seem that time itself speeds up. May... wow.

Thanks to all those who sent prayers and well wishes for my grandfather. We talked with my grandmother tonight, and have passed on your well wishes to them both.

Tomorrow is May 2. I'll be openning the doors to a new blog/site tomorrow (not sure what time, sorry) and shortly thereafter back to regular and consistent blogging here. Now - back to the task at hand.

April 24, 2005

Up Late

I'm up late working researching the resource links for the new site and getting to watch, or more accurately listen, to the mass and official induction of the new Pope, Benedict XVI. I don't understand much of what I'm hearing but it is quite soothing while reading all the terrible details of war and strife from around the world.

While here I’d like to thank those of you who’ve emailed comments about the new site. Your encouragement makes the effort much more palatable. And your feedback has helped me to ensure that the clarity and usefulness of the site is unmatched elsewhere. Now, I’ll have to make sure that the analysis is also. I shouldn't say I'll have to, after all much of the detailed analysis will come from other participants, and they are both well suited for the task and probably less sleep deprived.

April 22, 2005

Nearly There

Somewhat hesitantly here comes another bit of an update. The new site has come together quite well and appears to be functioning properly. I've completed about 25% of the research needed for opening day, May 2. I'm open to sharing it with a few folks, for feedback on the look, feel, operation, accessibility, and most importantly value of the resources found, so if you'd like to check it out, drop me a note (comment or email) and I'll let you know how to find it.

The reason for my hesitance in giving the update is that I'm still not quite ready to blog heavily yet, but I'm close. Thanks again for the notes of encouragement and for your patience.

Oh... a couple of other things - I've upgraded to Movable Type 3.16, seemless, and added a couple of new plugins, which the new site needed, not yet sure if I'll use them here.

And in the real world much else is happening. I'll have to read your blogs to find out what.

April 19, 2005

News and Notes After Much Delay

For want of sleep, the news of "Habemus Papam", and other more mundane tasks that we all must on occasion fulfill, the News and Notes were delayed. Here is a short bit of what I hope will be just a first for today.

Habemus Papam! Pope Benedict XVI is the new pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Congratulations to the faithful and, of course, to Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger for his selection. Being a theologian, and 78 years old, it strikes me that his role is one of caretaker and reinforcement of the doctrines of the late John Paul II. May he be a benefit and blessing to all the world.

Today we note that it has been 10 years since the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. 168 lives were lost on that morning. The bombing had a significant impact on me. On that I hope to share more later today.

While working on the new site, I'm constantly reminded of the vast number of potential hot spots around the world. Whether it be the dispute between China and Japan, North Korea's nuclear play, Iran's ethnic clashes or nuclear ambitions, the Sunni attacks on the Shi'a of Iraq or the many, many, more that I could list, I am left feeling a bit like John Adams must have when he wrote "[w]e have not men fit for the times. We are deficient in genius, education, travel, fortune - everything." Yet, as I've noted many times, I am bound in optimism and much of it is due to the many who while visibly offering words (including through blogs), behind the scenes go about the necessary actions to fortify and defend our land.

Back later.

UPDATE: The Watcher's Council has an opening for those so inclined to apply. Its a good thing and the worst that can happen is you'll be rejected, humiliated and laughed out of the blogosphere. Go ahead, apply.

To help feed my appetite for books I've signed up to do reviews for Mind & Media. Some of you are aware of the service Stacy offers, as that's how I was directed to her, but for those who aren't I'll post more in the near future (including her logo) and then when the first book arrives I'll begin the review process.

Yesterday I mentioned how I was using and how pleased I was with it. Well, it was down for a while today, which in conjunction with the need to have more frequent updates led me to an nifty bit of code called MySQLicious. It mirrors the links in your local MySQL database, and then via PHP, Perl or whatever you like, and you can query as often as you like, no throttling from Of course, the updating of the mirror should still be moderated, so that you don't abuse the service.

John Bolton's vote was delayed. There is no good news in this save the clarity it provides on the character (and lack) of the Senate.

North Korea shuts down a reactor, most likely to permit further weapons development, and still - still - South Korea opposes sanctions on the North. The last 7, or more, years of South Korean leadership (reflective of the culture today) has been more pro-DPRK than it has been supportive of the U.S. As with Germany and Japan, lessons learned can either be forgotten, played for all their worth, or simple become a part of your character. You know which is which.

April 18, 2005

Plugging Away

First off, thanks to those who've sent emails of support for the threat assessment project. I'm even more convinced it's needed, and more concerned that I do it well.

Second, received notice today that I've been accepted into the Media Bloggers Association. Many of you are aware of the organization but if you aren't, you should go check out their site, where you'll be able to determine by the excellent folks behind the effort, that its worthwhile and just might be for you.

Third, while working on the new site I sought a means to include an RSS feed (actually several different feeds) into the site but needed to be able to control the content of the feeds, rather than just taking all of a news or site feed. That led to which allows for the building of the feeds, add some perl (for parsing the XML) and cron jobs for regular updating and you have an excellent means of adding content without rebuilds or manipulating the php include files manually. I'll post the code I used eventually, and the feeds will be on the new site, along with their RSS feeds if you want to get them via your RSS reader or include them on your site.

And finally, there is, as expected, much going on worth blogging so I'll be back later this evening with a news and notes post on some items of particular interest. But first, I've got to read your blogs.

UPDATE: News and Notes will have to wait till morning, which isn't far off.

April 16, 2005


Progress on the threat assessment project is coming along well, and hopefully the site will be presentable and filled with valuable resources shortly.

Sorry about the absence, and hoping that once it's released, you'll feel that my lack of blogging here was well worth what comes in return.

April 5, 2005

Catching Up

After my last post, I was a little reluctant to sit down and write for the Little Red Blog over the weekend. Just feeling as if the passing of the Pope, and other events large and small, would have to wait before I discussed them here. I have managed to do more reading of the blogs on the sidebar and links page than I’d been able to do for a couple of weeks and I must admit, some of you have been very impressive in that time. But then you generally are.

RMBB 4.0

On Saturday, the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash was held at the Denver Press Club. Unfortunately it coincided with Carolina’s national semi-final game against Michigan State, so I didn’t arrive until late, at 10, and though it was advertised as being from 7 to 11 we weren’t forcibly evicted until after midnight.

While at the RMBB, I met ZombyBoy of ResurrectionSong, Jiggity of avoiding the Tar baby, Nick of Libercontrarian, Ryan of A Bellandean, Bob of Let’s Try Freedom and Blogger News Network, Nathan of Brain Fertilizer, Stephen the Vodka Pundit, Jed of Freedom Site, Darren of Colorado Conservative, Publicola, Wadcutter, and Pueblog. And others who I’ve either forgotten, if so I apologize, or didn’t catch their name in the first place… after a couple of drinks and much lively conversation, either is possible. Also there was Elizabeth (or was it Katherine) the bar tender, and at least a couple non-bloggers. One rather touchy journalist (his choice of titles though he called his writing bull….) in particular, who despite speaking far too loudly, also felt the need to poke, prod, rub, hold, and pat those he was speaking to. Needless to say, I told him several times that he was too touchy. Politically, he’s just wrong but he made for a bit of entertainment at the end of the festivities.

After the closing of the DPC, Jiggity and I went to his favorite watering hole, and stayed until once again, forcibly evicted. By then, I’d had my fair share of drinks, had talked for hours on subjects of a wide range and was certain that those who’d met me were ready to see me go. With that thought and the locked doors behind me, I arranged for Mrs. LRB to drive me home, she’d been working on a Saturday of all things and late at that. And so, my RMBB tale is done.

Carolina Wins the National Championship

As mentioned above, Carolina played Michigan State on Saturday and won. And last night, they faced Illinois. I have to admit, that despite being a die-hard fan, even though I rarely write about them on the LRB, I didn’t think they could pull it off. But they did. Congratulations to the Tar Heels and all their fans. Coach Williams and his staff, the players, everyone who made it happen should be very proud for the turn around from just a few short years ago was outstanding.


When will I blog regularly again. Hopefully very soon, maybe even beginning today. I’ve been writing, just not things that I’ve felt were appropriate for the blog, and frankly I’ve been so far behind on reading your blogs and the news, after moving the LRB, that I’ve felt ill prepared for this. See you soon with more.

March 28, 2005


After essentially a week of very little blogging, I'm soon to return. At this point I've found MT to be very accommodating and straightforward. I’ve not imported my prior entries from "blogger" primarily due to the comments and trackbacks associated with those entries, all recorded by haloscan. I believe I’ve found a way to include them in an import and I’m making progress toward that end.

Essentially it will entail adding a plugin to permit extra fields in the MT database. I’ll add a field that represents the "blogger" entry ID and associates it with the new MT Entry ID. Then, I’ll have to modify the various templates so that they query "if" a blogger entry ID exist, if so, show the haloscan comments and trackback links, if not, operate as normal. I will probably not install this until late in the evening or overnight, as to avoid any disruption of service should I screw things up.

If you know another way, or just want to wish me luck, please do.

March 23, 2005

Moving In

As you can see, I've made a little progress with my move to Movable Type. There are lots of things still to be done. It hasn't happened yet but the inevitable comment spam will show up soon, so next on the list is getting MT Blacklist installed. Other pluggins will follow, as I figure out which are significant or just plain cool.

Configuring MT has been a breeze thus far. While much detail work remains, it has proven rather straight forward up until this point. And Hosting Matters has been excellent and responsive. So any glitches are likely, if not wholely my fault.

The design of the site is based on the default MT templates. The image at the top is from a Word Press theme by Chris J. Davis. While I started out with both WP and MT, I took to MT more easily. Yet the image stuck with me. Thanks Chris. The rest of the layout is mine and was arrived at by trial and error.

Post with more substance will begin again shortly. Thanks for being patient and for visiting.

Final Blogger Entry

If you are a frequent visitor to the Little Red Blog, you have no doubt noticed that I've not written much of late. I'm sure there are lots of reasons but there are two primary reasons.

First, in general when I write (or blog), I attempt to express my thought on a subject or at a minimum express my feelings regarding it. The last few days it has been difficult to separate my conflicting views, emotional, principled and intellectual, from the situation in Florida. Other issues, even those I would normally enjoy writing about, are clouded and frankly I've felt unable to express much of value.

The second reason is that last week blogger ate yet another of my post. One would figure that by now I'd be used to writing them outside blogger and then adding them to blogger afterwards. But on that occasion I was lax and didn't do so. On Saturday I began the process of choosing a new blogging platform, a new host, as my host at the time did not permit the necessary access to make Word Press or Movable Type an option, and began toying with both WP and MT to determine which I'd use. I've selected MT 3.15 as a blogging platform and Hosting Matters as a new host. My old domain, has been relocated (or is being relocated as some nameservers have not yet updated) and will effectively just point to my new domain, If you've linked to this blog at, it'll eventually point to also, except I'll leave the archives and individual pages with their current permalinks up so that no links are broken (and your comments and trackbacks are maintained).

It may take me another day or two to begin more frequent posting at the new site, but I will be posting at least a couple of times a day between now and then. This is because I still have lots of work to do on the new site and that'll keep me busy. I've noticed that working on php, perl, html and the various templates occupies a portion of my mind that is rather ignorant of emotional conflicts. Something I welcome right now. I sincerely hope you'll either maintain your links or switch to the new site and visit often. And, of course, give me lots of feedback on its style and functionality (as I've been working in a bit of a vacuum) and then on what I have to say.

March 22, 2005

Beginning Setup

Decided against Word Press and am going to build the site with Movable Type 3.15. So far so good, now it's on to the building of the template, determining what options to include and then bringing over the current Little Red Blog to the new host, Hosting Matters.

Back to Blogging

To all those who visited, emailed and commented over the weekend and yesterday, thank you. As a general rule, I blog very little on weekends. Mondays, however, are usually filled with rambling post. I didn't have it in me yesterday to write (blog or otherwise), so I worked on the new non-blogger based version of this site. It's not quite done, but I'm getting there.

Now it's Tuesday, Terri isn't being fed, the federal judge who heard the case yesterday has turned down her parent's request. There are lots of other issues I'd like to discuss, and will today, if things go as expected. Back soon with much more.

March 19, 2005

About Last Night

Yesterday was a conflicting day in many ways. The day starts out hopeful, as do all, but with an odd heaviness upon me that I’d not anticipated. Terri Schiavo was on my mind. Throughout the day while I tried to go about writing on this or that topic, reading about the potential for good or bad around the world, and waiting on the gangly near-seven footers to take the floor in Carolina blue, I was unable to express my concern for Terri. And for myself. Or you. Or all of us.

I managed to post a few pieces of little real note, mind and heart still filled with concern. Afterwards, Carolina blue having been victorious, Terri being without her feeding tube, Marvin being concerned, perplexed, tired and yet somehow wanting to believe that hope remained, I headed out to Blogfest with Hugh Hewitt and the Rocky Mountain Alliance of Bloggers.

At 4, when I arrived, Hugh was about to take the air, the crowd was settled into the chairs and, as is the norm, I felt… well, out of place. I had decided that I would stay and hear the show live, speak with the RMA bloggers, and any others I could meet, so I stood between the middle earth master writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and colorful books that couldn’t find a place in my memory. No names, no topics, just small colorful potential additions for those so inclined. I wasn’t.

Hugh’s primary topic for the day, Terri Schiavo. After a little more than a half hour, I was not sure I’d make it. I walked around during breaks hoping that somehow the topic would shift. That my heart would be diverted from this matter to one of more lightness, one where hope seemed appropriate and moreover, one that didn’t hold such damnation for us all. Hugh prevailed. His everyday optimism and energy brought the story to those present and far away and he pressed on and on. And on. His guest by and large were superb, more on them perhaps later. Hugh had won me over again. I’d stay longer and moreover, I got in line to get my book signed.

When I walked up to Hugh, he shook my hand and asked what I did. Blog, I said. Duh. After telling Hugh where I blog, he recognizes the title and has very kind words to say and encourages me to keep going. I tried to express my appreciation. Tried. It didn’t really come out that well. Back to middle earth I head. And with a chocolate milk from the bookstore’s coffee shop.

Later during the show, Hugh mentions the Little Red Blog on the air, and again has nice things to say. He is kind and generous with his praise for others. An honorable trait, unless you are a headmaster. Perhaps he isn’t really cut out for leading CU. I remind myself to email the regents, just as Hugh has reminded us all. Several times. Terri is again the topic as the show closes with a beautiful poem by Tarzana Joe. I have to bite my lip and cover my eyes.

Shows over. Time to mingle. An art I once felt I’d mastered, but after years of inactivity and isolation, I was sorely in need of assistance. Hugh’s mentioning the LRB so kindly would help, even if he did say I looked like ZZ Top. Several folks came by and chatted. That was another big help. After a time, I met with Ben, Jared, Clay, Jim, Bob, Jonathan and Lisa, and many other bloggers and readers. Then off to dinner at Tucano’s. It was excellent, as was the company. And finally, the return home.

While driving home, I couldn’t help but think that Terri is hungry by now. This morning while I type this, having not yet had breakfast. I’m sure Terri is hungry. And thirsty.

Follow the links from and let the Florida legislature know that something must be done. And then pray. Pray for Terri, for her family, for her comfort during her ordeal, and for our leaders who have as of yet not led us to a better place.

March 3, 2005

Busy, Back Soon

Helping a friend, so not able to blog thus far today.

Read Hugh Hewitt's comments on the LA Times column - N. Korea, Without the Rancor. He is right that it is propaganda for the DPRK, and right to be outraged. I'll get to it this evening when I have more time to blog.

January 31, 2005

America's Place

Currently reading – and preparing a commentary on:

Europe Is The Next Superpower. But Then So Was Japan.
It’s written by Jonathan Rauch, for the National Journal, who you may recall being the center of a bit of attention last week.

The Bushies’ New Groove
A NYTimes piece by David Brooks. It deals with the administration’s use of soft power in foreign policy.

Dream On America
A Newsweek International article by Andrew Moravcsik. It’s a lengthy, well done, and provocative look at the waning influence of America around world. The central premise – that many nations are finding alternative models to pattern themselves after, particularly as opposed to American democracy, economic opportunity and foreign policy. [HT: Daniel Drezner]

There are couple of other items worth discussing, although I’m unlikely to get to them tonight.

Dean seems to be rising. Shouldn’t we all applaud that?

Mark Steyn on Iraq: Iraq is going to be just fine. Excellent.

December 28, 2004


From last Wednesday afternoon through last night, I had no contact with blogs, email, the net and therefore news in general. Until Monday night, when a friend mentioned the earthquake and tsunami in passing, I was completely unaware. And now that I am, it is incredibly difficult to describe the feeling associated with hearing, reading and seeing via Fox News, the devastation and terrible scale of such an event.

Blogs provide an excellent outlet for those who are affected by the challenges of the world we live in and who seek a voice for their often-unheard views, as well as for those who seek to learn more of the world by reading others. Now that I’m back, I’ll have to spend some time catching up, and as is my norm, I’ll then post more. Until then, to those who’ve lost someone and those who are concerned, may God’s peace find you and comfort you in this hour.

Back soon…

December 2, 2004

From Purgatory

Frequent readers of this little blog recognize that I both enjoy writing about the issues of our time, as well as conversing with you through comments and emails. That joy is limited again, as noticed by yesterday’s absence of any post, and may be for some time. A smoking monitor and hard drive yelping like a yeti in heat have left me with limited access for updating the Little Red Blog. This further compounds the fiscal constraints associated with my nearly 3.5 years without professional employment. If only I’d kept up the network of contacts I once had rather than disappearing from the world of technology development and telecommunications for so long. As a friend has reminded me, after my long break I’m more capable and enthused than ever to work, in part due to the health and sanity associated with a long sabbatical, yet less likely to find work readily. Back to school seems to be the right path.

So while I have a bit of access, and a PC without fireworks and environmental risk at hand, let me thank you for dropping in and leave you with a worthy subject to ponder. One more note, as often as possible, I'll try to drop in on your blogs and keep up with your excellent works. That may in fact take precedence over posting to the LRB.

The latest news regarding Iran. Reuters is reporting that NCRI has warned that Iran is working to develop a nuclear warhead capable missile with a range of 1600 to 1900 miles. This seems to confirm the previously reported concerns that the Shahab 4 missile may either have been tested or in development with a range of 1200 plus miles. Knowing the Shahab 3 has been developed and manufactured and the ongoing issues of their defiance of NPT regulations regarding the enrichment of uranium, including their insistence that they have the right to such efforts and statements that they’ll return to their efforts in spite of their current cessation leaves us with little hope of an agreement worthy of our trust and confidence. The Washington Times has an interesting read also on Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons, this one by Bill Gertz. And Fox News is now showing the Digital Globe images of the sites in Iran. A Colorado company doing important work.

So while we anxiously watch the Ukraine, fight for Iraqi freedom and stability, and pray that Palestinians will not seek Barghouti or other Arafat like leaders in January’s election, there is much to be concerned about. And then of course we must reflect on the moral morass of the U.N. and elsewhere, including at home. Lots to discuss. Hopefully, I’ll be able to join in the discussion shortly. While absent, as always, I'd recommend any of the fine Homespun Bloggers, the fine men and women bloggers on the sidebar, and the Rocky Mountain Alliance.

November 22, 2004

Monday Morning

The weekend has passed and once again the LRB will be an active repository of my thoughts on the events of the day.

First, a sporting note, the Tar Heels lost their first game of the year to the Santa Clara Broncos. Being a fan, it is easy to imagine them being worth the high praise they've received this pre-season, yet as a realist, one must accept that it will take a while before the Heels have earned such a ranking. They played poorly in all aspects of the game. Time will tell if they are a team or a group of highly skilled individual players. Tonight the Tar Heels face BYU in Maui.

Second, on Saturday the President made a bit of a news splash by pulling a Secret Service agent from a fracus where Chilean agents where preventing at least some components of his detail from moving with him. Like many of those writing about the incident, I would echo the sentiment that it is nice to have a man capable of such a move in the White House, yet I have to admit that it makes me question his judgement to do so.

The Homespun Bloggers have completed their first Symposium question. It dealt with the Electoral College and drew some interesting responses, 9 thus far. The second question is now posted at Homespun, it deals with the divide in America.

November 19, 2004

Dag Nab It!

Okay, I know you don't really mind my absence, but it's getting to me. Will return as soon as possible, lot's of activity worth blogging about, unfortunately, other requirements are taking precedence at this time.

I'll try and catch up with your blogs and emails this weekend, and start posting again soon.

November 16, 2004

Little Red Blogging

Plenty of things to post and discuss, however, other things have taken priority for the last couple of days (in addition to usual absence on the weekends).

Thanks for stopping in. Should be back at it in the next few hours and will catch up over night.

UPDATE: Wednesday, November 17. Sorry for the delay. Read any, if not all, of the blogs listed in the sidebar to remain current. Hoping to be back this evening.

November 4, 2004


Yesterday was a difficult day to access "Blogger" and limited my ability to post. Several pieces didn't get posted. While I'm certain that Blogger is aware of their capacity limitations, I'm not comfortable being subject to them. I will be moving to another system shortly. Your recommendations are welcome.

October 12, 2004

Rally at Red Rocks

As I've said, I enjoyed the rally yesterday very much. Perhaps it is simply being around others who share an understanding the challenge before us, don't know. What I know is that it was a great thing to experience, and as many around me who had never been to a rally said, we'll have to do this more often.

Here is a transcript of the event, including General Franks remarks.

Both the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post have coverage of the event.

October 11, 2004

Post Rally Update

Saw the President this afternoon at Red Rocks Amphitheater, along with General Tommy Franks, Denver Broncos Coach Mike Shanahan, Govenor Bill Owens, Pete Coors, Congressman Bob Beauprez, Congressman Tom Tancredo and others.

Needless to say, I enjoyed the event a great deal. I'll post more in the morning.

Until then.....

It is morning and I'm ready.

Today is Monday, October 11, 2004. President Bush will be speaking today at Red Rocks Ampitheater here in beautiful Colorado. Ticket in hand, I'm ready to drive down, be put through the wringer by the men in black, and sit under the harsh sun, perhaps hidden by intermittent clouds, for an entire day while waiting to see and hear our President speak. I'll wait a while, but I'm ready now. Pre-game jitters and everything. It's funny, but I bet he isn't nervous about meeting me.

Blog the news and discuss the issues, that'll have to do for the next few hours. But I'm ready now. Hope to see you there.

October 9, 2004

Morning Agenda

Off to support Pete Coors campaign for the Senate.

Two emails about my "thirst" posting. One that ask if I am Muslim and why do I always take their side. Huh? Second, that calls me a kafir, and says my comments, especially regarding the dry vessel are shirk or blasphemy. What?

Just try to understand it was an analogy. It wasn't me selling any faith, just showing the barren nature of the Islamic faith in todays world with a little analogy. Come on, lighten up. But of course, thanks for reading.

Some good news, looks like the Howard camp down under has won again. That is great news for the U.S. and the world. More on that and other things after the Coors/Salazar debate.

September 24, 2004

Little Blogging This Weekend

Given Yom Kippur, a busy week, and a general need to rest, blogging will be light this weekend.

Lots of readers from Hugh Hewitt's blog are coming in. Welcome.

Thanks for the link Hugh, my comments were prior to hearing the interview. Like many, Dr. Wolfowitz is more impressive when you can hear him.

Other entries regarding the war, and in particular, the internal change needed in the Islamic world are listed on the sidebar for new readers.

Have a blessed weekend.

September 21, 2004

Evening at the Little Red Blog

Summer is ending, the rain continues to fall, the sun has set, and there is little left to do except watch the final episode of The Amazing Race 5.

Earlier today I posted on the President's speech at the U.N., now that I've heard it also, via Hugh Hewitt's indispensable second hour today, it is even more impressive. His delivery of the speech, and the silence of the General Assembly of Dictators and Despots, was amazing. I'll have more to say on it later, as well as some thoughts on Johah Goldberg's latest.

September 13, 2004

Victory 2004 Rally at Coors Amphitheatre

President Bush is in town, Denver, for a Victory 2004 rally tomorrow morning at the Coors Amphitheatre. It'll be interesting to see what the topic is, given that the President's speeches in Michigan were Health Care oriented today. The other big question will be what the tenor of the press coverage will be.

August 19, 2004

Life in Colorado

Once again living in Colorado. Relocation underway, so the blog will get updated but without the ferocity or intensity I'd like to offer. Should be back to normal in the next couple of days, also have some graphics updates and modifications to the navigation from Links to the site are way up, hits are down as activity has been down during the moving process.

Glad to be in Denver.

August 13, 2004

On the road again.

Off to Colorado....
Back at it on Wednesday.
It is Wednesday afternoon, and here I am. I have some catching up to do...
8/18/04 15:50

July 21, 2004

Peacekeeper Indeed

Just walked out into the front yard and watched the flight of a Peacekeeper Intercontinental Ballistic Missile launched from Vandenberg AFB.

It is an amazing thing to see a ICBM shooting through the night sky. At 180 miles away it was clearly visible and left a substantial trail through the cloudless sky. I want to see the next one from a closer vantage point.

And I want to sleep tonight with the peace that accompanies such a site. After all, this one was a test launch, it wasn't armed. Impressive still.

Update: Here's the first press coverage post-launch.

July 9, 2004

What'll It Be?

Apologist and appeasors for terror.

Journalistic integrity and the possible lack thereof.

Liberty in the United States of America.

Civilization at a Crossroads.

I'll use this space to address these issues and to ask for your thoughts and feedback. Additionally I'll send lots of links to business, technology, and the arts that will round things out a bit.

Despite my claims otherwise, I'll occasionally make personal statements also, such as "Hi Kids!"

Hope you enjoy.


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