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After essentially a week of very little blogging, I'm soon to return. At this point I've found MT to be very accommodating and straightforward. I’ve not imported my prior entries from "blogger" primarily due to the comments and trackbacks associated with those entries, all recorded by haloscan. I believe I’ve found a way to include them in an import and I’m making progress toward that end.

Essentially it will entail adding a plugin to permit extra fields in the MT database. I’ll add a field that represents the "blogger" entry ID and associates it with the new MT Entry ID. Then, I’ll have to modify the various templates so that they query "if" a blogger entry ID exist, if so, show the haloscan comments and trackback links, if not, operate as normal. I will probably not install this until late in the evening or overnight, as to avoid any disruption of service should I screw things up.

If you know another way, or just want to wish me luck, please do.


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The easiest way would be to use the CAIF export we provide with the following instructions:


Not sure how it would work in MT 3.x but it should be easier to use than the DB modifying method.

[If you need to reply to this, drop a message off at the Haloscan forum since I may not see this site again (just found this post through random surfing).]

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