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Moving In

As you can see, I've made a little progress with my move to Movable Type. There are lots of things still to be done. It hasn't happened yet but the inevitable comment spam will show up soon, so next on the list is getting MT Blacklist installed. Other pluggins will follow, as I figure out which are significant or just plain cool.

Configuring MT has been a breeze thus far. While much detail work remains, it has proven rather straight forward up until this point. And Hosting Matters has been excellent and responsive. So any glitches are likely, if not wholely my fault.

The design of the site is based on the default MT templates. The image at the top is from a Word Press theme by Chris J. Davis. While I started out with both WP and MT, I took to MT more easily. Yet the image stuck with me. Thanks Chris. The rest of the layout is mine and was arrived at by trial and error.

Post with more substance will begin again shortly. Thanks for being patient and for visiting.


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looking good! :)

Looking good. Just don't bedeck the place with chattel from The Pottery Barn or Pier One, okay?

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