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Calling For A Free Lebanon

The latest rally in Beirut calling for Syria to withdraw. Estimates of between 800k and 1 million participants make this the largest rally thus far. Perhaps the best news for is the inclusion of Sunni Muslims in this rally. The Shi'a supporters of Hezbullah are increasingly being isolated, as are Syria and Iran. The possibility of violence remains but thus far it has been largely avoided to the credit of all those involved. They have my respect and support.

AP Photo
Be sure and visit the Corner for other great photos of the demonstrations. I'm sure there are other great sets, if I run across them I'll add links accordingly.

In Iraq, where protests have continued since the bombing in Hilla, Shi'a took to the street, and the Jordanian embassy, demanding that all foreign Arabs leave Iraq. The latest protest followed word of the Jordanian hometown of the murderer hailing him as a martyr after he killed 125 in Hilla. If only the Shi'a in Lebanon could divorce themselves of their allegiance to Hezbullah and their hatred of Israel. It is amazing to see Iraqi Shi'a leading the charge toward peace in the Middle East. Amazing.


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