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About Last Night

Yesterday was a conflicting day in many ways. The day starts out hopeful, as do all, but with an odd heaviness upon me that I’d not anticipated. Terri Schiavo was on my mind. Throughout the day while I tried to go about writing on this or that topic, reading about the potential for good or bad around the world, and waiting on the gangly near-seven footers to take the floor in Carolina blue, I was unable to express my concern for Terri. And for myself. Or you. Or all of us.

I managed to post a few pieces of little real note, mind and heart still filled with concern. Afterwards, Carolina blue having been victorious, Terri being without her feeding tube, Marvin being concerned, perplexed, tired and yet somehow wanting to believe that hope remained, I headed out to Blogfest with Hugh Hewitt and the Rocky Mountain Alliance of Bloggers.

At 4, when I arrived, Hugh was about to take the air, the crowd was settled into the chairs and, as is the norm, I felt… well, out of place. I had decided that I would stay and hear the show live, speak with the RMA bloggers, and any others I could meet, so I stood between the middle earth master writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and colorful books that couldn’t find a place in my memory. No names, no topics, just small colorful potential additions for those so inclined. I wasn’t.

Hugh’s primary topic for the day, Terri Schiavo. After a little more than a half hour, I was not sure I’d make it. I walked around during breaks hoping that somehow the topic would shift. That my heart would be diverted from this matter to one of more lightness, one where hope seemed appropriate and moreover, one that didn’t hold such damnation for us all. Hugh prevailed. His everyday optimism and energy brought the story to those present and far away and he pressed on and on. And on. His guest by and large were superb, more on them perhaps later. Hugh had won me over again. I’d stay longer and moreover, I got in line to get my book signed.

When I walked up to Hugh, he shook my hand and asked what I did. Blog, I said. Duh. After telling Hugh where I blog, he recognizes the title and has very kind words to say and encourages me to keep going. I tried to express my appreciation. Tried. It didn’t really come out that well. Back to middle earth I head. And with a chocolate milk from the bookstore’s coffee shop.

Later during the show, Hugh mentions the Little Red Blog on the air, and again has nice things to say. He is kind and generous with his praise for others. An honorable trait, unless you are a headmaster. Perhaps he isn’t really cut out for leading CU. I remind myself to email the regents, just as Hugh has reminded us all. Several times. Terri is again the topic as the show closes with a beautiful poem by Tarzana Joe. I have to bite my lip and cover my eyes.

Shows over. Time to mingle. An art I once felt I’d mastered, but after years of inactivity and isolation, I was sorely in need of assistance. Hugh’s mentioning the LRB so kindly would help, even if he did say I looked like ZZ Top. Several folks came by and chatted. That was another big help. After a time, I met with Ben, Jared, Clay, Jim, Bob, Jonathan and Lisa, and many other bloggers and readers. Then off to dinner at Tucano’s. It was excellent, as was the company. And finally, the return home.

While driving home, I couldn’t help but think that Terri is hungry by now. This morning while I type this, having not yet had breakfast. I’m sure Terri is hungry. And thirsty.

Follow the links from family.org and let the Florida legislature know that something must be done. And then pray. Pray for Terri, for her family, for her comfort during her ordeal, and for our leaders who have as of yet not led us to a better place.


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