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Bombs over Butter in North Korea

The U.N.'s World Food Program wants more food for North Korea. They've requested South Korea provide more aid to the North. As they note, North Korea has largely been dependent on South Korea, Japan and the United States for food since the mid-90's.

Meanwhile, the North Koreans have claimed that they will boost their "war deterrent force" as the multi-lateral talks regarding their nuclear weapons program look "gloomy" after stalling when the North Koreans didn't attend the scheduled talks in September. Their reasoning, the "hostile policy" of the United States. As reported by the AP, KCNA, their official news agency, had this to say:

"The DPRK will bolster its war deterrent force both in quality and quantity to be strong enough to defeat any aggressor at a single stroke, given that the U.S. is foolishly attempting to contain the DPRK by force, while seeking a 'regime change'".
This follows the President's signing of the North Korean Human Rights Act earlier this week.

How is it that we've fed the multitudes in a nation that is impoverished not by our actions but by their governments, and yet they continue to claim our "hostile policy" toward them? Is it because we've made efforts to limit or prevent their development of WMD's and the technology to deliver them to South Korea, Japan and our western shores? The three nations who've prevented a more tragic famine on the peninsula are the ones most threatened by the North's paranoia and self-defeating policies. Yet, it gets little coverage here or elsewhere and there are still those in South Korea who protest against the U.S. and our battle against the very real threat of terror.


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