Behind the Little Red Blog

Here at the Little Red Blog you may find a dusty blog with few signs of life, or on occasion a sudden burst of blogging of little note.

Content will generally be limited to the events and the challenges that face our nation, and one American's take on them. Your feedback is welcomed whether supportive or critical.

The general nature of this site would be PG or G rated. The only thing that may make it less suitable for some audiences will be the subject matter itself. For some, political, social and moral issues, are never G rated.

About Marvin:

Prior to becoming a blogger of little note, I served in the U.S. Marine Corps, went to university, and worked in the telecommunications software industry. And as you’ll note if you read much of this blog, much of what I know, have learned, and hope to learn, comes not through success but rather through the hard lessons of failure. A great teacher, indeed, if we are apt to listen.

With rare exceptions, the commentary found on this blog is an attempt to express my thought on an issue and is not necessarily based on any particular expertise or grand insight.


Contact Marvin

  • Email: marvin [at] marvinhutchens [dot] com


Comment and Trackback Policy

Being a largely family friendly blog, and at the same time hoping to encourage discussion, comments are permitted. The only caveat being that the content of the comments or the source behind any links be relevant to the blog entry and that language, graphics, and links associated with the comment be family friendly. Use your judgement, and if that fails to meet the standard, I'll either remove or edit the comment appropriately.


Technical Notes on the LRB:

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